Any news on Dexter Morgan always excites us as we are huge fans of our favourite serial killer antihero and while the finale of the recent revival series New Blood, left a sour taste in our mouths – no spoilers – it was still a phenomenal success and there have been rumblings of a second season in the works.

Not anymore!

SHOWTIME have confirmed that they will not be moving ahead with a follow up in which we follow his son Harrison (Jack Alcott) after the events of that finale, but insiders are suggesting that Dexter will return as there are a number of ideas, one which is quite serious for a prequel series in which we follow a younger version of the character.

Dont know how we feel about this, can we really get excited to sit down to watch what could be called DEXTERA new Beginning, DEXTERThe wonder years, DEXTER, The First Killings?

Expect further news when we get it