You can’t keep a good serial killer down as it’s been confirmed that Dexter Morgan is to return once more for a brand new show – but with a twist!

First of all we are getting DEXTER: Origins, which as you can guess will show a younger version of the title star as he joins the Miami Metro Police.

Expect a younger version of his sister Deb and a very much alive father in which the casting will be very important for this one as they have to capture the essence of original stars Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.

In a surprise move as contrary to reports last week, we will also see a sequel to the recent spin off DEXTER: New Blood which we will follow his son Harrison (Jack Alcott) after the events of “that” finale.

There are also plans for spin offs for characters like Trinity (John Lithgow), giving them their own origin stories on how they became the nemesis to DEXTER.

It does feel that after years of being away, Dexter Morgan – The Franchise is very much alive.