Mia Goth who is fast becoming the hottest actress out there at the moment thanks to her role in Ti West’s X franchise is now being rumoured for a big…big…part!

Having signed up for a certain role in the Marvel Universe only a few weeks back, there are strong rumours that the role itself will be in the big reboot of BLADE and that Goth will be playing the villain Lilith. Fans of the BLADE comic book series will know that there have been different versions of Lilith, so we can’t bring you any details of which one, but the fact that Goth could potentially be playing any of them, is a huge tantalising prospect.

Blade – the reboot- will see Mahershala Ali take over the lead role from Wesley Snipes and True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto is now rewriting the screenplay written by Michael Starrbury, even though the writers strike in America has delayed things which means the original release date of September 6, 2024 will more likely be pushed back!