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I suppose my love for horror started when I was five years of age, when my Mum showed me a delightful children’s film about some teenagers who decide to babysit one night while a masked man looked on from the distance, just wanting to play a game of Hide and Seek.

My life could have gone two ways back then. I either could have grown up and wanted to play with knives while wearing a Boiler Suit, chasing after a long forgotten sister who 40 years later, was not my sister anymore, or become a horror writer. Luckily I picked the second option.

I started to write films and horror tales from a very young age and Halloween (the John Carpenter version) played such a heavy influence in my growing years. When the likes of Jason, Freddy, Chucky to even the underrated Leslie Vernon joined alongside Michael has icons of the horror genre, I found myself writing film reviews just for fun.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a horror fan is watching the films that don’t quite reach the masses. So many fantastic horror films have been released over the years that many don’t know about and it was one of the reasons why fifteen years ago, I created a horror blog on Empire’s now gone but never forgotten Forum web site, which exploded into life after a only a few posts. It became one of the most popular threads on the site as I not only reviewed the mainstream horror films that were getting released, but also those that slipped under the radar and I felt a glowing satisfaction, that I was reaching out to an audience, unaware of such great films within the genre.

It was on that Forum that I was lucky to meet six like minded people who became such fantastic friends that one night we decided to branch out ourselves and create a website called Horror Cult Films. The site has grown into one of the most popular websites on the net, winning awards thanks to a team who work around the clock in publishing news, reviews and interviews and its a privilege to work with such creative people.

While I still write for HCF, this blog is my personal one, a site where I can share my reviews to those who care and have followed me since my Empire Forum days. As we share the film reviews on Horror Cult Films, I now and again miss out on reviewing some real good gems of Horror or even disagree with what my fellow critics have written, so Hacked 2 Pieces will carry the reviews I can’t do on HCF, while also showcasing some of my old features from years gone by.

I hope you enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoy writing….. Have fun!

Hughesy – Creator of Hacked 2 PIeces. Co-Editor of Horror Cult Films

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