Some sad news to report today as its been announced that Hal Holbrook has died at the age of 95.

The actor who received an Oscar Nomination for his role as Ron Franz in the 2007 film Into The Wild, was a well known face among fans of cinema and TV.

Halbrook was a seasoned performer who was in many shows like Hawaii Five-O, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bones, Sons of Anarchy, ER, NCIS, The Sopranos, Becker and The West Wing, where he played the assistant Secretary of State.

For most horror fans, he was memorable for the role as Father Malone in the John Carpenter classic The Fog and he also appeared in CREEPSHOW.

He is survived by a daughter and son from his first marriage, his daughter Eve from his marriage to Carol Eve Rossen, and his two stepdaughters Ginna Carter and Mary Dixie Carter from his marriage to Dixie Carter.

Holbrook won an Emmy award for portraying President Lincoln in Carl Sandburg’s 1974 mini series Lincoln.

He will be sadly missed….