If you are missing the annual Wrong Turn sequel then rejoice, this horror flick from 2009 which is now available to rent for just under a £1 on Amazon Prime will scratch that itch.

Its been four years since we last had a Wrong Turn film, a series that in which the quality on offer diminished on each given sequel, but yet somehow created a huge fanbase who are waiting patiently for the next film to arrive.

Stag Night which is a Wrong Turn film in all name will delight fans that adore that old horror theme in which we see inbred murderous cannibals hunt down folk in a murderous rage.

Like always with these films, it offer a basic storyline in which we share this hellish journey with Mikes (Wizard of Gore’s Kip Pardue) a husband to be who is spending his last days as a bachelor, with major doubts about his upcoming marriage.

On the tradition Stag Party, his troublesome brother Tony (Breckin Meyer-Roadtrip) is up to his usual tricks and having just been kicked out of a strip club, they decide to go to another place on the other side of town. 

Taking the tube, they recognise two strippers from that club, in which Tony once mores acts the fool which results in them all getting off the train. Unlucky for them, its the wrong platform and just as they realise their mistake, the train pulls off, leaving them under the vast underground which has been abandoned since the early 70’s.

Before you can cry “The Underground Have Eyes” a blood thirsty family who reside in the shadows and with a handy set of tools at their disposal, starts to target them and their only hope is to find a way out, before the death count starts to rise…….

Horror fans will know what is on offer here….another variety of 80’s cult Deathline and the Creep flick from 2004 and while this offers nothing new to the well used formula, its still a decent watch for all those who like their cheap weekend horror.

What is desperately needed in this film is some freshness and originality but the strong acting makes you feel sympathy for the characters plight, and what it lacks in the lack of quality script, more than makes for up for it with plenty of gory death scenes that are of the highest order, especially for such a limited budget. 

Beheading, disembowelment, to even killer dogs, Stag Night does more than enough to appease the gore hounds who are looking for a cheap thrill.

Yes there are some moments that will have you shake your head in disbelief, the script giving massive thoughts of “yeah right” highlighted by the daft moment in which the young inbred starts to whack the tube rails and the gang stand around questioning “what is he doing?.”

Five minutes later, the penny finally drops and someone yells “he is sending a message through the tracks!” and while its taken all this time for everyone to realise that, the rest of the murderous bastards have caught up with them!

But that is me picking holes, because there is a lot to enjoy.  The film carries a huge amount of tension and there are those who die that you least expect it, which brings a welcome treat!

First time director Peter A. Dowling  mirrors the great John Carpenter with some lovely tracking shots and the score itself reminds you very much of great delights like The Fog, which is always a good thing!

Its a shame then that Dowling spoils some of his good work, with some moments of poor shaky Cam effects that causes you to question what exactly is happening and the final shock twist, won’t pull any surprises for fans of this genre.

But in a period where most of us are staying in and having exhausted nearly every Box-Set at our disposal, then films like this are great to fall back on, more so if you fans of Creep and Wrong Turn.

With some decent set pieces and a considerable amount of tension that manages to paper over the many moments of stupidity, Stag Night offers a simple and daft weekend watch and for a 99p rental, you really can’t go wrong!

2 Hatchets Out Of 5