Adam Wingard is a very busy man!

With a KONG VS GODZILLA now out in selected cinema’s and on HBO MAX, the director will then turn his focus on his planned FACE OFF 2 sequel, before heading off to make the much asked for THUNDERCATS movie for Warner Bros.

The cult 80’s cartoon classic is a much loved show for many who have wanted a new version for many of years and now its happening with Wingard once more, writing a script with his long term collaborator Simon Barrett.

DEADLINE who broke the news have stated that the film will be “a hybrid of CGI and animation. The film will use the animated series as a jumping off point, but then Wingard will take it in a direction he has been thinking about for many years.”

If you have never seen THUNDERCATS, then the show is about a team of humanoid cat-people (or cat-like humans) like Lion-O, Panthro, and Cheetara who fight off the evil wizard Mumm-Ra on the planet of Thundera.

This kind of news will make the 80’s kid inside you, very, very excited.