So that’s it.

The story of The Walking Dead will come to a conclusion at the end of Season 11, with a 24 episode run that will finally have fans seeing what happens at the end of this journey for many of the characters.

But as it was once the best show on TV and AMC much like the decaying zombies on show, are refusing to let the show die by announcing that two more spin off will carry on in the same universe as its flagship show.

The first one and it comes as a massive spoiler in which we can watch the rest of The Walking Dead episodes by knowing that Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) will not die, as they are getting their own show, once their original story has ended.

The next spin off will air in 2023, but as of yet, AMC have not given us any details on what to expect.

We also may have Tales of the Walking Dead, a show from Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, which will be an anthology type series, which does offer a glimpse of excitement.

With Fear the Walking Dead returning for a sixth season next month and a two-season limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond also due, and not forgetting Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) getting his own 3 movie deal, we can be forgiven for thinking that The Walking Dead is far from over, despite todays announcement!