As the countdown begins for the much anticipated SAW spin off, SPIRAL: From the Book of Saw, which is due to hit Cinemas on May 21st, director Darren Lynn Bousman has once more talked about getting his hands on one of his personal favourite Slasher franchises.

Yes Bousman has again given a massive hint about his desire on making a Leprechaun sequel, the cult horror franchise that once starred Warwick Davis in many sequels and was recently re-booted into the pretty decent Leprechaun Returns with Linden Porco taking over the bogeyman role.

Bousman who has oversaw many of the SAW films took to Twitter and posted this message to Lionsgate, the studio who own the rights to the bogeyman who just wants his gold back.

This is what he said:

So Lionsgate….if Spiral is a success, can we talk about finally letting me have the Leprechaun franchise and trying a little something something with it? Just saying?! (For the last ten years). Love you!

Its strange that a director with such a big CV who clearly wants to do this, has not had a chance from the studio, more so as the franchise itself is a popular but cheaply made production.

Maybe the success of SPIRAL, will give Bousman his wish!