After the female led Ghostbusters revival failed to make it big at the box-office, despite the best intentions of all involved, the focus now shifts to the next idea – which is a film set in the same world as the original two!

Jason Rietman whose father directed the first two films has written and all set to start filming what is essentially Ghostbusters III and an original member of the old crew has officially confirmed he’s returning.

Dan Aykroyd who played Ray had this to say:

“Ivan Reitman’s son Jason has written a new movie, called — well, it’s gonna be Ghostbusters, the third movie”

“It’ll be all or most of the original people. And then young stars […] It’s gonna be great.

“I’m so excited about it, and it’s just wonderful to be able to [go] back and revisit that. I don’t do the pictures anymore much, and I’m in that one”

Now all we need is the news Bill Murray is returning and all of a sudden this second attempt of bringing a much loved franchise to a new generation seems appealing.