Its a question that has been left answered since 1993. How exactly do you use the three sea shells instead of toilet roll is a puzzle many have wondered since they sat down and watched the 90’s action classic Demolition Man.

We may finally have the answer because over the weekend, Sly Stallone has shocked fans by admitting that he and Warner Bros have been in talks over a sequel!

Here is what he said:

We’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic,” Stallone said on Instagram this past weekend. “So that should come out. That’s going to happen.”

Yes! It is a very surprising announcement, as even though over the last few years, we have seen Stallone bring back his iconic characters Rocky and Rambo, we never thought that John Spartan would again be cryogenically unfrozen once more to do battle!

The original was a box office smash in the 90’s that saw Stallone battle against Wesley Snipes crazy criminal Simon Phoenix, with a Pre-Speed Sandra Bullock lurking in a support role.

No news yet of any plot, but this has to be one of 2020’s shock sequel announcements!