When we all think of the name Walt Disney, the first images that gather in your brain are that of childhood memories of films from a long gone era.

Forget about the recent live action remakes, DISNEY of old played a huge part on many people’s childhoods as we all remember the moment a big eared elephant flew for the first time, a thief rubbing a lamp. a mermaid wishing for a whole new world and a prince looking for an owner of a missing shoe.

Make no mistake, Disney has played an important part of all our lives when growing up, but in between the love and respect all of us have, there is a smutty and dark side that is hidden between their playful tales.  A sinister evil attitude that many miss or choose to ignore.  

In this Hacked 2 Pieces feature we will look at the urban legends, the dirty talk and the porn imagery that will have you shocked or laughing at what we are reading. We start with the man himself and the rumour of a frozen zombie just waiting to awake:


One of the most bonkers stories ever to come out of Disney World is that of the death of its creator Mr Walt Disney.  It was a story that I was told many times when I was child and a rumour that even to this day bizarrely still does the rounds.

It is believed by a few, that when Walt died he had arranged to have himself frozen in a cryonic chamber full of liquid nitrogen so that when scientists discover how to bring people back from the dead, the man who gave the world Mickey Mouse can return once more!

Its a strange and quite horrific story that many children know of and to make it more darker, the rumour has grown to such an extent that many believe his body is stored under the Pirates Of The Carabien ride in DisneyWorld. 

The origins of how the rumour started is a mystery with maybe his own funeral cloaked in mystery not helping matters.  Two books about the great man have been accused of helping the rumour grow, the first from Robert Mosely called Disney’s World and Marc Eliot’s Hollywood’s Dark Prince, both claim that Walt knew of this technique and had a very strong interest in it.

The fact that records show his body was cremated two days after his death have failed to halt this rumour which leaves many children wondering the day when this “zombie” will awake to a whole new world!


One of the most crazy examples of dirty talk in a Disney film was uncovered a few years ago in the film Aladdin which is more bizarre because its true!

 Even when I saw and heard it, I could not help but laugh and wondered how I missed it the first time.

The scene in question is when Aladdin floats up to Prince Jasmin’s balcony and somehow a voice is heard saying “Take off your clothes!”.  Honestly its all there and you can hear it here:

It is totally bonkers and one that will make you shocked that such a nice guy could ask such a thing!


Ok you do not actually see Simba doing the dirty but this urban myth is kind of true if you now watch it.  When our favourite lion slumps onto he cliff top and dust shoots across the sky, the particles reveal the word S-E-X apparently. 

Well I have watched it and its really a case of “If you think it, you’ll see it”

The general story is that an FX department slipped in the image so it was supposed to read S-F-X which kind of makes much more sense.  Being more of a fan who likes these dirty messages in Disney, I prefer to think of it as a dirty joke by the land that gave us Micky and Co!


Ha Ha…..Well this is so true that you can actually see it in the picture above.  A woman with her breasts out appears in a window and every child in the land who notices this laughs out loud.  Only now available in old copies due to Disney recalling the print way back in the 70’s, this is still one of the most funniest moments in cinema history.


This is stretching it a bit here, but as it caused headlines way back in the 90’s, we had to include it. Here in all its glory is the cover of The Little Mermaid which caused a stir because many parents though the castle behind the characters showed more than it should. 

Yes it does look like a penis but what is more crazy in my mind is how the heck did they notice this at the beginning.  Did one parent wake up one morning and say “I am going to look at that Mermaid cover today and see if it shows a mans willy!” 


Who would have thought that the nice bunny, Roger Rabbit was actually married to a Catherine Tramell wannabe as when is thrown from the car in Who Framed….she is clearly not wearing any underwear.

We are surprised that when she was interrogated by Bob Hoskins Eddie Valiant, she didn’t utter the words ” Have you ever ****ed on cocaine, Eddie?…its nice!”