Now that we can all relax with the news that Spider-Man is staying in the MCU, our interest now turns to the third film of the series and after that cliff-hanger at the end of Far From Home, what’s next for Peter Parker?

Rumours are that he may get some help from the one and only Daredevil and that Marvel are hoping that Charlie Cox will reprise his role.

Now this is just speculation with Website We’ve Got It Covered, who have brilliantly broke some exclusives over the last few years, regarding the Marvel films have said their sources are telling them that Marvel are seriously considering this.

If not Matt, they also looking at She-Hulk who will make her debut in her own TV Show on their new Disney streaming site.

Either one would be brilliant, but how much would fans love to see Cox back in that role after Daredevil was unfairly and ruthlessly cancelled by NETFLIX earlier this year!