Remembering when James Gunn took on Kick Ass and created a superior, yet underrated superhero flick…..

The ghost of Kick Ass lingers over this film even before a scene is shown.  I mean its about a normal man who wakes up one day and decides to be a superhero.  With no powers or weapons and walking the streets with a brightly coloured all in one suit, if your close your eyes and listen…you can still probably hear the shouts from the Kick Ass fan brigade….with the repetitive tune of “Rip/Off….Rip/Off….Rip/Off…. echoing even before the film reaches the fifteen minute mark!

Even I was hoping for something similar to the Matthew Vaughn flick, a rip roaring actioner with sly gags and enough superhero homage’s to pleasantly pass the time. I have to be honest and admit I was not expecting much from Super even though it had a quote on the DVD cover that brags that its better than Kick Ass

Even the first twenty minutes nothing much happens.  We introduced to the world of Frank, a loser who has somehow managed to get married to the beautiful Sarah (Liv Tyler) but cracks are beginning to appear in their relationship.  Her past life as an ex druggie emerges into the now, thanks to the arrival of sleaze bag Jacques (Kevin Bacon) who introduces her back to the life she tried best to get rid of!

With Sarah gone and Frank heartbroken, he has a vision to become a superhero, a vigilante to save humans from the despair of the evil on the streets.  Dressed like a poor version of the Flash and with a wrench in his hand, he starts to fight crime, but even to get to this stage of the film, some fans wanting the same vibe and energy that served Kick Ass, may reach out and press the off button.  

Super takes a lot of determination for the viewer to stick with it, because this is not only following in the path of a film that I have already mentioned a few times in this review but also of the Woody Harrelson film The Defender which this shares a lot more with. 

But just when you think Super has nowhere to go is failing to offer something fresh to this once popular brief genre something amazing happens,and its all thanks to the arrival of the quite brilliant Libby who is played wonderfully by Ellen Page.

Working in a Comic Book store and having showed Frank the best magazines into how to become a superhero, she quickly figures he is the guy on the news, and after he gets shot by the gang who he believes are keeping Sarah hostage, he ends up in Libby’s apartment. She helps him not only to recover, but quickly becomes his sidekick Boltie and this is where the film quickly turns into a different path and becomes its only unique beast!

Libby is a stunning creation and it helps that Page is fully aware of this and delivers a quite unforgettable performance. When we are introduced to her alter ego, its here we see the first hint that there is something quite damaged in her personality as she poses in slow motion and touches herself to a bewildered Frank.

Its from this moment that Super becomes a dark comical tale that you can not take you eyes off.  Its wacky and surreal with enough blood and action to keep the viewer happy.  Its also morally wrong on so many levels, you will not believe how black the comedy goes, all summed up by the wrong yet hilarious sex scene that will make you want to look away.

Super carries performances that are better anything Kick Ass or The Defender could ever manage.  Wilson is brilliant, he looks totally wrong for the part of a superhero but yet because this is supposed to be real life, it fits the film perfectly and while he becomes psychotic at times, you do feel sympathy for him.  Bacon as the bad guy is his usual self but its Page who steals the show in what for me was the second best performance of the year in 2010 by a female actress.  I know that is a bold statement to make, but if it was not for Natalie Portman in the Black Swan, then Page would walk it.  Her over-the-top reactions to their crime fighting exploits were so damn funny that I instantly fell in love with the character.

Anyone who gives this a go will be surprised at the film, make no mistake and I can see why many reviews have lavished praise on the whole show.  Some scenes are dipped so much into the blackest of macabre that you laugh but also feel disturbed at what you seeing. Moment of genuine shocks will also stay with you long after the credits roll. 

There is one particular moment that deeply upset me, and I guess if you fall in love with this film then it will do the same for you too.  Its unexpected, totally out of the blue and a real take your breath away moment.

The question is then to wrap this review up, is it like the quote says “Better than Kick Ass?”.

Its totally pointless to even compare, because they are both different movies. 

While Kick Ass ripped the comic book formula up, Super simply does not care what it does, the film has the most darkest of black hearts I have had the privilege to watch for many years. 

Its a cross breed between Grosse Point Blank and Juno with two people trying to be Superheroes, its funny and wonderful and one of the most surprising watches you will be lucky to discover!

Highly recommended!!