Michael Myers is coming home – AGAIN and once more he is taking no prisoners in the gory new trailer for sequel HALLOWEEN KILLS.

Picking up from where the 2018 ended, the trailer shows how Myers survives that house fire and also gives us a stunning image of Myers standing on the doorstep as the fire rages behind and the arriving firemen looking bewildered at what is in front of them

What follows is a Myers rampage as the film threatens to be the ultimate death count, with many kills and once more Jamie Lee Curtis character Laurie Strode, standing in his way.

While the film has a vastly different tone to John Carpenter’s original masterpiece and will no doubt divide the hard-core fans, you can not escape the feeling of your horror juices flowing by seeing Myers in such a murderous mood.

You also pick up a Halloween IV vibe with the vigilante town folk looking for Myers.

HALLOWEEN KILLS is hopefully released this October.