Its time to get excited if you are a slasher fan!

Scream V has started to move its wheels and its been officially confirmed that David Arquette is to reprise his role as Sheriff Dewey Riley for the new sequel!

It finally puts paid to the rumours that the next entry will either be a re-boot/remake and instead with continue the same storyline started by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson in 1996,

Here is what Arquette had to say:

“I am thrilled to be playing Dewey again and to reunite with my ‘Scream’ family, old and new,” Arquette said. “‘Scream’ has been such a big part of my life, and for both the fans and myself, I look forward to honoring Wes Craven’s legacy.”

With the team behind last years totally fantastic Ready Or Not behind this new version, hopes are high that Ghostface will return with a vengeance.

“It’s impossible to fully express how much Wes Craven’s work and the ‘Scream’ movies in particular mean to us as fans and have influenced us as storytellers. Kevin Williamson’s incredible stories have entertained and inspired us for decades and we’re insanely honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of the cinematic world Wes and Kevin so brilliantly created together. Jamie and Guy’s amazing script does that legacy justice and we’re so excited to bring the next chapter of ‘Scream’ to life.” said the directing duo of Matt Bettinellit Oplin and Tyler Gillett who go under the name of Radio Silence.

Original writer Kevin Williamson who is returning as Executive Producer had this to say:

“I’m excited to reteam with David and work with Jamie, Guy and Radio Silence on the next ‘Scream.’ Their take on the movie is both original, inventive and honours Wes’ legacy in a wonderful way. ‘Ready or Not’ was my favourite horror film of last year and I can’t wait to see what their amazing talents bring to the ‘Scream’ universe. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

 James Vanderbilt who co-wrote the script had this to say:

“Just the fact that we get to sit in a room with Kevin Williamson and talk about a new ‘Scream’ movie is a dream come true for me. For years I’ve wanted to see a new ‘Scream’ movie, and now we get to help make one. We want this to be a love letter to the movies Wes and Kevin created together and to the fans,”

What we are hearing is that Neve Campbell is still in discussions about reprising her role as Sydney Prescott.